Hey everyone— ready to learn how to be a better EMT today? It’s simple. Put. Down. That. Darn. Phone.

Having your phone on hand is essential for every EMT— but constantly letting it distract you can be downright rude, inefficient, and dangerous.

Here are a few reasons why we recommend using your phone less at work, even when you’re waiting around with a patient.

1. Your patient deserves your undivided attention.
You are the one called to the emergency and it’s your job to show up prepared. How will your patient feel if you’re laughing over memes instead of asking how they’re doing and how you can help to make their situation better? Your partner, patient, and their family expected you to be alert and solution-oriented. How are you going to help out if your face is stuck scrolling TikTok?

2. Being off your phone demonstrates your professionalism.
If you’re just starting your career building the habit of not being on your phone during work hours is a must. People will notice that you’re hands-on and dedicated to your position. This is a good habit to learn right away so shaking it won’t be too hard.

3. Staying alert is the bare minimum.
A screaming, vomiting patient, on-going calls, and incoming traffic. How are you going to keep a level head if you not even paying attention? Save a life by turning off you phone, slipping it into your backpack, or simply placing it on do-not-disturb mode. Instagram can wait.

Just remember, staying off your phone will make you a more productive and professional EMT. Check out our blog for more posts on how to boost your performance on the field— it no easy work and you don’t have to do it alone.


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