You’ve passed the NREMT which means you’re officially ready to start your first EMT position! Pat yourself on the back, getting this far is no easy feat. So, what’s next? You’ll need to prepare for your interview to land your very first EMT job. 

Here are some useful tips to memorize that will effectively prepare you for your first interview. 

Remember Why You Want to be an EMT 

Do you want to be an EMT because you love helping people, working in a fast-paced setting, and have always been fascinated by the medical profession? Whatever your answer is, consider it at length to express this sentiment to your interviewers! They want to hear that enthusiasm in your voice, don’t be shy!

Consider Where You Want to Be in 5 Years.

It’s good to think ahead because it shows you’re serious about your career. Be prepared to consider what you want your life to look like in five years to demonstrate that you are contemplating the future.

Think About How You’ll Handle Conflict. 

Your interviewers will likely come up with a scenario that will involve conflict. Let them know you’ll approach the situation  calmly and proceed with listening to your patients. The key here is to find a resolution by collaborating with your partners. 

Ask Questions and Express Genuine Concern. 

An interview is not just for you to look good in front of your interviewers— it’s for you to learn more about the position duties, pay, and work culture. Go in with an inquisitive demeanor to see if this job would even suit you!

Those were a few tips to get you all sharpened up for your first EMT interview. If you have any questions, let us know in the comments section. We’re looking forward to your replies.

Happy interviewing! 

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