As an EMT, your patient’s safety will be your top priority. You’ll check their vitals, transport them, and ensure they are stable to mitigate any impending health risks. That’s no easy feat for a small team!

But did you know that patient care goes above and beyond checking blood pressure and heart rates? 

That’s right— you’ll need to focus on your treatment of them on a human level. So, how do your patients deserve to be treated? 

Patients deserve to feel heard.

We know you’re stressed and busy but that’s no excuse to ignore your patients. They may be loud, complaining or in distress but it isn’t for you to judge their character— you have to let them know you’re listening and committed to their utmost safety.

To show your patients that you hear them say things like;

Hey bud, how are you feeling now?

Just checking in, let me know if you need anything, okay?

Are you comfy back there?
Can I get you a blanket or a cup of water? 

Let me know how I can accommodate you.

I’m happy to see you’re feeling better.

Your patients deserve to feel seen.

If you’re patients or their family members are communicating with you, don’t gloss over their comments and concerns with a rude side eye look. Let them know you are listening and working on their accommodating their requests. Show your patients you see them by respecting them.

To show your patients that you see them;

Make eye contact.

Be positive.

Remain alert.

Don’t interrupt them when they are expressing concern.

Don’t silence them or ignore them.

The entire EMS profession revolves around patient safety and care. And all human beings deserve kindness and respect. 

 Let us know in the comments section how you will implement some of these tips. 

Thanks for reading!

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