Hey folks, Amanda here with another post to help motivate you already EMTs. Being an EMT is a rewarding career but some days on the job can feel downright exhausting. There are just so many things to do every single day! How do you manage it all with positivity and a level head?

Here are a few ways you can move forward in the world of EMS. 

Manage stress in a healthy way. 

Manage stress by prioritizing your mental health. Have compassion for others and yourself.  Say daily affirmations if you’re feeling in a rut of negativity. When you’ve gotten through a tough day, give yourself praise. You’re showing up for a lot of people every time you clock in! Embrace that!  Being grateful will take you far and bring peace to your life!

Take care of your physical health. 

Develop a positive relationship with yourself by taking care of your health. Daily practices of hydration, eating nutritious food, and making time for proper sleep will curb any unwanted stress.Make each time every day for things that make you feel good. A healthy lifestyle is a continuous practice that requires a lot of consistency, dedication, and effort. You’re worth it!

Work well with others.

Building a supportive network of people is necessary for any successful EMT. We work better in a team. Find value in asking others for help when needed. You are meant to rely on others as an EMT—  you don’t have do this alone! The more you collaborate with your partner, the better off the both of you will be. 

Thanks for reading, everyone! What did you learn from these words? Did we miss any important routines or practices?  We’d love to hear your thoughts, comment below to keep the conversation going.


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