Do you have an abrasive coworker that makes life as an EMT ten times harder? Does every conversation seem to be an argument? Do they ignore you in times of need?

As an EMT, deescalating coworker conflict is crucial for maintaining a positive and productive work environment. Here are some steps you can take to deescalate coworker conflict:

Remain cool, calm, and collected.

 As an EMT, you are trained to remain calm in high-stress situations. Apply this skill to conflict resolution by staying level-headed and avoiding emotional reactions.

Listen actively and aim to be present.

 Listen to each coworker’s side of the story without interrupting or judging. Active listening involves paying attention to what they are saying, asking questions to clarify their concerns, and acknowledging their feelings.

Find common ground.

 Identify areas of agreement between the coworkers and encourage them to focus on shared goals. This can help shift the conversation from a confrontational tone to a collaborative one.

Be solution-driven. 

Ask each coworker to suggest solutions to the conflict and work together to find a mutually acceptable resolution. It can be helpful to break the problem down into smaller issues and tackle them one by one.

Follow up.

After the conflict has been resolved, check in with the coworkers to ensure that the solution is working and that there are no further issues.

It’s important to remember that conflict resolution takes time and effort. As an EMT, you are in a unique position to model effective communication and conflict resolution skills for your coworkers, which can help create a positive workplace culture.

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